Patricia Montoya


Patricia Montoya is a video maker and educator transplanted to Western Mass via San Diego, California, to which she was transplanted via Brooklyn, NY, in turn transplanted via Queens, NY, from Medellin, Colombia. In her videos, she draws on her bi-national identity and her Queer, US/Mexico border and East-West North American experience to tackle the existential conditions and cultural contradictions experienced by immigrants from Latin America who are living in the United States. Her work addresses issues of migration, memory and identity through lyrical explorations of text, dialogue, theatrical adaptations and the depiction of intimate human relations within the context of urban landscapes. Montoya has shown her work in several venues in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico and Canada. She holds an MFA from University of California, San Diego and teaches documentary production and various forms of non-fiction, experimental and narrative film and video at Hampshire College.

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Crossing Paths