Marco pando


I was born in Lima in 1973 and my migration movement from my hometown in the high lands of Peru to the capital to study art was the beginning to question my identity and homeland as a country with Spanish background. I grew up watching films in the old cinema of my grandfather and later worked in the cinema of my father as a projectionist, cleaner, selling tickets and candies and programing films. This early narrative influence is still very dominant in my art and film work. After study art in the Catholic University in Lima, I took an art residency in Amsterdam at he Rijksakademie in 2006, since then my work talks about the experience of diaspora and the unstoppable migratory movement around the world.

In my work I am telling stories in a poetic language, which follow geographical and historical boundaries. Living between Lima, The Netherlands and Germany I adapted to the cultural differences, wherein I can experience myself as a bridge between the European culture and my origins. I regard myself as an explorer discovering my own peripheries in Europe. From one place to another I collect information about culture identities, showing their parallels in different contexts.

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